We develop and manufacture innovative food & supplements


Out-of-the-box concept & product development, sourcing, co-manufacturing and packaging to create better-for-you, great-tasting products.

Sibel Sezer Ozavar and Samil Ozavar are co-founders of Innovative Food Technologies LLC. Samil Ozavar has over 25 years of proven track record of developing better-for-you food and beverages and nutritional supplements including numerous block-buster products successfully marketed by leading brands. Following Sibel’s struggles with health-related conditions and our unique journey of while successfully addressing them, we’ve finally made a decision to launch our own company to provide high-end solutions to many other customers.

We’re a boutique firm capable of providing game-changing innovation thanks to the creative minds powering our engines who are bringing decades of expertise blended with science and curiosity at everything we do.

To provide turnkey services to our customers from ideation to finished products, we’ve partnered with a leading manufacturer of Nutritional Powders to offer unmatched quality and service at extremely competitive prices.

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